Better Management, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills Are Top Results of Executive Coaching Programs

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Trust is most desired quality in an executive coach Better management capabilities, improved relationships with managers and better relations with direct reports are the three biggest improvements that executives and managers realized from individual executive coaching programs they received from OI Global Partners, a leading human resources consulting firm. The most popular goals of the coaching programs were: better leadership skills, improved communications skills, better management … [Read more...]

The Seven Most Successful Job-Search Strategies For 2015

Jan. 13, 2015 -- With the number of new jobs increasing and the unemployment rate falling, more people will be testing the job market this year for new or better jobs. Their efforts will be more effective if they learn such tactics as how to customize their communications for each prospective employer, transfer their capabilities to match the requirements of available jobs, remain open to new and different job-search methods and other strategies, according to OI Global Partners, a leading human … [Read more...]

Top Reasons Why You Don’t Get The Job: It’s Your Fault!

Oct. 28, 2014 -- Even with an improved job market, many people are still failing to get the jobs they want. Their problem may not be due to outside factors, but issues that are within their control, according to OI Global Partners. “A number of the reasons why people don’t get the jobs they want are due to the way they present themselves and how they perform during interviews,” said Patty Prosser, chair of OI Global Partners. “These reasons include not sufficiently differentiating themselves … [Read more...]

More Workers Taking Temporary Path To Being Hired Full-Time

June 11, 2014 - A growing number of companies and job-seekers are taking a temporary route to finding full-time employees and jobs. Temp-to-hire – or hiring after completion of a temporary assignment – is increasingly being used by job-seekers looking for full-time positions and companies that want to try out workers before making a decision whether to hire them, according to OI Global Partners, a leading human resources consulting firm. Temp-to-hire has expanded beyond its traditional role … [Read more...]

Job-Search Advice For A New Class of Graduating Millennials

May 18, 2014 -- As another group of Millennials prepares to graduate from college and high school, many of them may be repeating the same job-search mistakes of their predecessors – and contributing to their own “career fails,” according to OI Global Partners, a leading human resource consulting firm. Employers have a number of concerns about hiring Millennials – generally, those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. These doubts are contributing to the unemployment rate for … [Read more...]

Bounce Back From A Layoff With These Job-Search Strategies

April 16, 2014 -- While hiring has improved, the number of layoffs in recent months has been higher than a year ago, and it isn’t getting much easier for those who have been laid off to find new employment, according to OI Global Partners. “People who have been laid off recently, or are concerned about losing their jobs, need to learn what job-search tactics and strategies are working best in this job market,” said Patty Prosser, chair of OI Global Partners, a leading human resources … [Read more...]

What Have You Done For Your Career Lately? 10 Ways To Show Employers Your Skills Are Current

March 21, 2014 -- What have you done for your career lately? That is the question employers are more frequently asking to determine what personal development job-seekers have had recently, according to OI Global Partners, a leading human resources consulting firm that specializes in career transition, executive coaching, leadership consulting and other workforce solutions. One reason for employers’ concern is their inability to find enough qualified candidates to fill all of their job … [Read more...]

OI Partners and CareerNet International Form OI Global Partners, New Global Talent Management Alliance

Enhancing capabilities to deliver career transition programs and executive coaching services with 225 offices in 28 countries March 3, 2014 -- OI Partners Inc. and CareerNet International Ltd. (CNI) talent management firms have entered into a formal alliance to jointly operate as OI Global Partners. The alliance will strengthen the career transition programs and executive coaching service capacities of both organizations through its 225 offices in 28 countries. With a spirit line of … [Read more...]

Short-Term Strategies For The Long-Term Unemployed

Feb. 19, 2014 -- Long-term unemployed workers are in need of some short-term strategies on how to re-energize their job searches and make a breakthrough, according to OI Partners, a leading global coaching and leadership development and consulting firm. “Those out of work for awhile can use some strategies that could help make a quick impact, as well as longer-term plans. Their first emphasis should be on ‘getting back in the game’ – becoming re-employed as soon as they can and then using … [Read more...]

Employers Seeking Workers with Skills To Help Build Competitive Edge

Jan. 16th, 2014 -- With the economy and job market continuing to slowly improve, more employers are shifting their focus from survival mode to gaining a competitive advantage, according to OI Partners. “Employers want workers who can help them capitalize on the improved economy and benefit from opportunities presented by less competitively skilled and structured companies. They are looking for workers with skills to help them to quickly grow their businesses, cut their costs and improve their … [Read more...]