Can We Really Manage the Pace of Change?

It’s a game-changing question. And traditional top-down leadership is no longer the answer. At OI Global Partners, we believe that “change is the new black” and certainly the new normal. The companies that will not only survive but thrive are those that can shift their thinking away from “change management” to “changing the way we manage,” allowing them to adjust to this new normal. A few crucial tips for making the shift: Build Trust Now. Without this foundational “Behavior of a Cohesive … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Recommendations: Strategies For Credibility

linkedin recommendations

First of all, let's not confuse recommendations with endorsements. Endorsements can originate from anyone you're connected to, whether they have first-hand knowledge or not! Recommendations, on the other hand, are written by LinkedIn users who do have first-hand knowledge of you from a variety of possible scenarios: You managed him/her You reported to him/her You were senior to him/her, but didn't manage them They were senior to you, but didn't manage you directly You worked with … [Read more...]

Critical Skills Graduates Need for Today’s Workplace – But Often Are Lacking

work skills

For new college graduates, entering the job market is an exciting time. As a recent graduate, there are many skills I learned in school that I was excited to apply to my first job, and yet I found there were many important skills I had not considered. Beyond tactical skills that apply directly to my job description, there are five critical skills that I found important to success in my post-graduation role.  Teamwork: In most cases, a job immediately following college requires you to work … [Read more...]

What Is So Important About Talent Management?

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You may be tired of hearing about this, but our businesses and communities are going through a transition of generations. In Charlotte, NC, we hear about this a lot, but the fact is companies need to be not only aware of this transition, but making preparations for this transition. The biggest generation, Baby Boomers, is now more serious than ever about seeking a time for retirement, as well as how each will define this stage of life. Different from their parents, most are looking for some … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Build an Effective Team


Building an effective team is an ongoing challenge for all managers. Just when you think you have the right team, and they6 steps to build an effective team are performing at top capacity, life changes. The goals of your organization changes, one of your team members leaves, a business crisis emerges, and you are faced with a team out of balance. 1. Stop and take a breather. Unfortunately, many managers immediately go into survival mode and start reacting to the situation. It’s important to … [Read more...]

Common Challenges for First-Time Managers (and How to Overcome Them)


Congratulations! You’ve been hired for or promoted to a management position for the first time in your career! This truly is Common challenges for first-time managers an exciting day. It’s also a day that changes…everything. You were once the rockstar subject-matter or technical expert in your last role and, because of your success, they’ve asked you to lead others and coach them to be as good as you are. Yet, if you’re smart (and I know you are) you realize the being a manager, especially … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media in A Job Search


As social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook continue to grow, their use in the professional world increases as well. According to Jobvite, 94% of recruiters are actively using social media sites to find potential job candidates. For companies, finding potential job candidates using social media is fast, low-cost and maximizes the pool of potential candidates. The flexibility of social media also allows employers to quickly target a specific field or experience … [Read more...]

Top 4 Things Every Employer Wants to Know in An Interview


Cracking the code of a great interview isn’t rocket science. But it does take preparation and practice to ensure you can present yourself as the answer to the hiring manager’s prayers. Review the job ad carefully to make sure you understand not only the job duties and requirements, but also read between the lines to catch any nuances of what’s most important to accomplish in the role.  Have your questions ready as well so you can gauge if it is a great job for you or not. And know that, even … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Be Viewed as a Vital Contributor to Your Organization


The economic climate continues to provide concern for many people with regard to job security and career opportunities.  Unfortunately, some people do not grasp a very important fact:  That companies today hire or retain people solely because they can effectively contribute to the success of their employer. Therefore, as an employee your key goal is to find ways to grow your role so that you are considered to be a vital contributor to your department and ultimately to the company. Here are … [Read more...]

Alternative Ways to Improve Employee Retention


When there is a problem of any kind, it seems most people think of “money” as the solution. But that really isn’t true. Sure, it can be a real boost to any person to find a $100 bill, or win a lottery, but if you check out what happens to people who win that lottery, most find that it leads to more problems. So what can an employer do to demonstrate he or she values his or her employees? What would employees appreciate? Employers should begin by not just “talking” to their employees but … [Read more...]