Today, more employees have called me, feeling frustrated as they no longer feel appreciated by their employers. The comments have included: “I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company downsized, and yet my title hasn’t changed, nor my […]
Fresh off the 4th of July holiday weekend, I have had some time to reflect on the meaning of this holiday and how it applies to a critical component of our great nation: Top Performers. Any company interested […]
For years, I have reviewed employee engagement survey scores and inevitably the results show an interest in improved communications. Do we ever become experts at communication? What would that look like if we did? What percent of your […]
As organizations work to stay competitive or prepare to move to the next level, a common conversation centers on their corporate culture. Do they have the “right culture” to be successful? And if they determine they don’t, what […]
Much has been written about the differences of expectations and thought processes of the millennial generation and how they approach employers and employment in general. With all of this as a foundation, what remains is that this generation […]
I spent the first 15 years of my professional life knowing something was “off” in most of the jobs at which I toiled. In some cases, the reason for the poor fit was obvious:  a company culture in […]
We have entered into a remarkable period where there are four (soon to be five) generations working side by side in the workforce. As the result of dwindling numbers of new entrants within the workforce and older workers […]
A recent CNN Money article reports hiring was up and unemployment down – the lowest in 3 years – in numbers reported at the end of December 2012. Also, results of a recent survey conducted by point […]
As the world of business changes at a faster and faster pace, it is vital that companies become nimble when addressing the escalating complexities of the workplace. Often this means something we all fear, changing the traditional model […]