The Olympics are a time when nations unite to support the athletes who have worked so hard to represent each country. Through hard work and dedication, athletes have become leaders in their chosen sport. They accept that responsibility […]
High potentials are the focus of high anxiety among employers, and they have been receiving a higher priority because of it, according to several surveys by OI Partners: Worry: Employers are more anxious about turnover of high potentials […]
It’s not easy to be recognized for your experience and invited to join your first company Board. However, by understanding your value to a board, what Boards are seeking, building a great network, and using all the resources […]
We talk so much about qualities of good leaders and how to identify potential leaders. We thought we’d share characteristics of a bad leader—things we often see when we begin a leadership executive coaching engagement. Following are eight […]
If only I would get $1 every time I heard a human resources (HR) professional say, “I need our leaders to do more with less!” It isn’t just local HR talent desperately needing critical leadership qualities. Insights from […]
As I begin each New Year, I undergo what has become an annual ritual: developing a spreadsheet of objectives and goals for the upcoming year. This year, I realized that setting these goals and objectives is not enough. […]
There are many, many books written on leadership. Some recent ones advocate for “resonate leadership,” “authentic leadership” or “agile leadership.” These are all valid approaches to becoming a successful leader. But what really defines a leader? What defines […]
Conventional wisdom is that everyone can and should be a leader. The truth is that successful leaders probably have very competent managers taking care of the details, motivating the forces and developing the strategies. Today’s leaders are in […]