Today, January 20, we celebrate across the nation the tremendous legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. His leadership excellence is best exemplified in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech that was delivered on August 28, 1963. In […]
In today’s global business environment, leaders are called upon to manage across countries and cultures. An effective leader has to be able to communicate effectively with people who have different attitudes and expectations, recognize when unexpected behaviors reflect […]
With today’s focus on competencies and skills development, we often forget a key ingredient of effective leadership development – personal motivation. We are each attracted to certain situations because of the emotional satisfaction they provide, and avoid other […]
I have a theory that we could get more done if we weren’t carrying forward so much of our past into each day. What issues, concerns and thoughts do you (or others) carry into work? Most of our […]
We all know that the leadership qualities exhibited by effective leaders must include being strategic, “smart” in their industry, able to build and motivate teams and, of course, get results. Through the years and thousands of people we […]
We have entered into a remarkable period where there are four (soon to be five) generations working side by side in the workforce. As the result of dwindling numbers of new entrants within the workforce and older workers […]
You have the title, you have solid experience in your field, and you know that senior management is expecting you to get results. However, you have this nagging feeling that your team is not taking you seriously. Here […]
Highly effective organizations are fearless in their pursuit of greatness. They engage in self-examination and promote crucial conversations with their employees and clients. Perfection is not their goal – in fact, they share stories of their failures and […]
Effective leadership is complex and multifaceted, but in study after study, a strategic approach has been found to be critical for success. In one recent study, Management Research Group (MRG) evaluated the leadership qualities of 40,000 managers and […]
It’s that time of year again; it’s time to publicly reflect on our accomplishments of 2012 and set our sights on the future. So, did you accomplish your goal(s) in 2012? If you’re like most people, you developed […]