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Karrierepartner AS is a supplier within Outplacement as well as Performance and career development.

Over the past 15 years the company have helped over 15,000 managers and employees into new positions, resulting from restructuring and downsizing.

Through the company’s extensive advisory staff, Karrierepartner offers dedicated advisors with profiles and backgrounds that cover the vast majority of expectations. This is in terms of both industries, job categories and levels of these (managers, specialists, employees etc.).

Karrierepartner AS has career advisers in most of Norway’s largest cities.

They are handle requests for Outplacement programs for individuals, for larger projects that involve group courses / workshops – combined with individual career counselling programs.

Karrierepartner mainly offer local career advisory resources with solid market knowledge and good knowledge of local / regional business.

Contact: Bjørn-Eirik Buschmann