Summer can be the time of year when a lot of individuals ramp up their job search. Many times, the recruitment process might include a panel interview at some stage, and the following helpful tips will set you […]


The conventional wisdom is that you hire for culture fit. The thinking is that you want to find candidates who will be the best fit with the culture of the organization. These candidates are likely to be better […]
So, you’ve been “restructured” out of the organization you’ve been working at for nine years.  Your resume is out of date. You are out of touch with your network. The company has provided you with a severance package […]
You just walked out of what you thought was a great interview with a hiring manager, and now it’s time to think about the next steps moving forward. In thinking back about the discussions between you and the […]
“Do I really have to use social media in my job search?” I hear this question sometimes when speaking with clients who are seeking a job or career change. Some people would immediately reply, “YES – you must […]
Congratulations, you landed an interview! Now what? Preparation: Here’s what you need to bring to the interview: Several copies of your resume Your reference list Company overview from their web site (research the company) LinkedIn profiles of interviewer(s) […]
Congratulations, you landed an interview! Now you need to properly prepare for it! First: The phone interview. When you receive a call to interview by phone, be sure it is a good time for you. Try not to […]
Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to be provided with an Executive Coach. What a wonderful compliment for a company to invest in your success within the organization. Working with an Executive Coach is an investment that […]
I remember getting the results of my 360-feedback survey. I must admit that some of the comments made me feel uncomfortable. I was a senior manager at the time and was feeling good about what I had accomplished […]
Editor’s Note: This post is the third of a three-part series that focuses on resume writing and job searching for attorneys. If you’ve implemented our recommendations that were discussed in the first two parts of this series, Resume […]