“Do I really have to use social media in my job search?” I hear this question sometimes when speaking with clients who are seeking a job or career change. Some people would immediately reply, “YES – you must […]
First of all, let’s not confuse recommendations with endorsements. Endorsements can originate from anyone you’re connected to, whether they have first-hand knowledge or not! Recommendations, on the other hand, are written by LinkedIn users who do have first-hand […]
LinkedIn is a tremendous networking site to assist job seekers with their job-search campaign. But as I have observed in recent years, updates are made to the site with limited fanfare and explanation on how to access new […]
When LinkedIn first introduced the endorsement function, there was plenty of distress and uproar. We’ve all received endorsements for skills we didn’t know we had from people who don’t even know us. Though I think I could navigate […]
Before we even get started on the topic of LinkedIn headlines, let’s do some level setting so we’re all working from the same page. You do have a LinkedIn profile, yes? And when you set it up, LinkedIn […]
The recommendation section on the LinkedIn profile is one of the best marketing tools available for professionals looking to build trust, credibility and interest. Why should you ask for a recommendation? A LinkedIn recommendation – especially a quality […]
In the last week, I have received 20 LinkedIn invitations to connect with the generic message, “[name] wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.” If you are too lazy to customize this message, I ignore your request. Don’t […]
You have been trying to sell the benefits of social media to your company’s executive team only to be met with questions like “LinkedIn, why?” “Tweet, what?” “Facebook, really?” Sound a little too familiar? Feel like are fighting […]
In a world of LinkedIn and other social media sites as well as personal web pages, what role do traditional resumes and cover letters now play? The answer to that question is complex. While it is true that […]