So, you’ve been “restructured” out of the organization you’ve been working at for nine years.  Your resume is out of date. You are out of touch with your network. The company has provided you with a severance package […]
Change management is a term that gets used fairly loosely when companies hope to implement change. It can seem fairly straightforward. The company wants to move from x to z. How do the leaders make it happen? Well, […]
No one looks forward to the day you get the call stating you are “being let go” or the “company is downsizing.” Outplacement is meant to be a cushion many former employees rely on to ease their transition […]
Although hiring has improved, layoffs were higher in recent months than they were a year ago – and it isn’t getting much easier to find new employment. “A number of employers are hiring workers at the same time […]
Last week, we discussed 3 signs you’re at risk for a layoff. This week, we look at why a layoff could actually turn into something positive. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting “Sam.” Sam and I met […]
In our career transition, outplacement business, people often tell us they felt blindsided by a layoff. How can you avoid being surprised by a layoff notice? The following three things can help tip you off that something may […]
On Wednesday July 27, 2011, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled, What’s Wrong with America’s Job Engine? written by David Wessel. In this article, Wessel states that layoffs used to be more temporary. In fact, during […]