No one looks forward to the day you get the call stating you are “being let go” or the “company is downsizing.” Outplacement is meant to be a cushion many former employees rely on to ease their transition […]
It’s already the second month of the year—how is your job search coming along? There are many aspects that go into a job search but two of the main things to consider are: 1) where the job is […]
Today’s job market is an increasingly competitive landscape. While companies search daily for top candidates, many individuals experience a stalled job search, leading to frustration and anxiety. For some, a delay in landing a job can be due […]
Poor performance in an employee may arise for a number of different reasons. But when an employee’s performance is obviously unacceptable and everyone knows it, it can be easier to take action, especially if the person has had […]
Managing a downsizing so that all employees are treated with dignity and respect is essential to an organization’s reputation and brand. Downsizings affect employees who have been terminated, those remaining and an organization’s customers, investors and other stakeholders. […]
The outplacement industry actually can trace its roots back to the post-World War II era when military veterans needed to learn job-search skills to help them re-emerge into civilian society. Similar to the way they counsel today’s veterans, […]
The Department of Labor defines long-term unemployment as out of work 27 weeks or more. If you are one of these long-term unemployed people, let’s review the possible reasons: You don’t have a plan. Envision your dream job […]
Even though reported unemployment rates are shrinking, companies across the globe continue to lay off and shed jobs. Many times, we see companies make critical mistakes when reducing headcount. These kinds of mistakes can be damaging, severely hurting […]
What would it be worth to kick start your job search by increasing your job opportunities and decreasing the time spent on your search? What if you didn’t need to pay anything to get these results? We all […]
These days, a former employee has multiple outlets to express their dissatisfaction with a company after a layoff. is an example of where unhappy former employees can voice complaints about the way their layoff was handled. New […]