No one looks forward to the day you get the call stating you are “being let go” or the “company is downsizing.” Outplacement is meant to be a cushion many former employees rely on to ease their transition […]
Having worked with a multitude of companies who have had to manage a downsizing, I have observed many negative approaches to this process. As such, I know of better and more sensitive ways. The goal is to relay […]
What employer wants to experience a downsizing? No one that I know! And yet this happens over and over. Is there a way to avoid a downsizing or find an alternative path? Not always, but YES, there are […]
Managing a downsizing so that all employees are treated with dignity and respect is essential to an organization’s reputation and brand. Downsizings affect employees who have been terminated, those remaining and an organization’s customers, investors and other stakeholders. […]
Even though reported unemployment rates are shrinking, companies across the globe continue to lay off and shed jobs. Many times, we see companies make critical mistakes when reducing headcount. These kinds of mistakes can be damaging, severely hurting […]