It’s already the second month of the year—how is your job search coming along?

There are many aspects that go into a job search but two of the main things to consider are: 1) where the job is located and 2) in what industry. With the country finally coming out of the recession, companies are hiring again at a rapid pace to keep up with customer demands. If you find yourself in the job market, either voluntarily or not, now is a great time to be looking.

city-skylineFirst, let’s take a look at the country as a whole. Obviously, the major U.S. metro areas of New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles are all hot beds of hiring right now, but some other cities that you may not have considered have joined the ranks. These cities include Austin, Texas, due in part to the large tech boom that has occurred in this city over the past several years. Oakland, California is another up and comer due to the flow of young professionals leaving San Francisco because of the rise in housing costs. Some other areas to consider are Cambridge, Massachusetts; Houston, Texas and Mobile, Alabama.

The second aspect of finding that perfect job is figuring out what the industry trends are and if you have the skills and experience to excel in that type of profession. Many Americans are finding themselves either going back to school or seeking additional training in a field that they never believed they would be effective in. One such area is coding. Many young graduates find themselves going back to school for additional training in this field because of the high demand in the tech arena. Along those same lines is software development. The other consistent and highly sought-after field is healthcare. The demand for long-term care professionals and in-home nursing is high. So are careers as RNs, Nurse Practitioners and Physical Therapists.

The year 2015 is shaping up to be an excellent year of new possibilities and growth in many different geographical and professional areas! The sky is the limit!

Please share! Tell us where YOU feel are growing markets to find a job across the world? What industries?

If you are looking to change careers or just want to talk with someone further about your current situation, feel free to contact one of the OI Global Partners across the globe. We are here to help with all of your Career Transition needs!

Holly Ewart counsels clients in the areas of Executive Search, Organizational Developments, Executive Coaching and Career Transition for OI Global Partners – Innovative Career Consulting (Denver & Cincinnati).

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