Today’s job market is an increasingly competitive landscape. While companies search daily for top candidates, many individuals experience a stalled job search, leading to frustration and anxiety. For some, a delay in landing a job can be due to just one or two blunders. Here are five ways to ensure that you won’t get hired:

  1. job-interview-3Not standing out. Recruiters scan through hundreds of candidate resumes daily. Within a few days, a company could receive over 100 resumes for just one position. That’s a lot of applicants, and in reality it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Spend the time and effort to have a well-crafted, personalized resume that serves as a marketing piece for you. Don’t just list your accomplishments and prior work experience. Have it speak to why you are different from the other 99 resumes they have sitting on their desk.
  2. Not sending a follow up email. Thanking a hiring manager for the opportunity and for their time speaks volumes. Their ultimate goal is to find a candidate who is beyond excited to work for their company. Something as simple as a thank you email can go a long way to make you more memorable and it shows them that you are interested in the opportunity.
  3. Not doing your research. Prior to the interview, the hiring manager will have done their homework and researched you. You want to make sure that you do the same. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard with the question, “What do you know about our company?” You don’t have to know the company inside and out, but I would suggest having several key facts up your sleeve. Pose thoughtful questions and insight about their company. This shows your interest in the positon, and it gives you an honest look at why you may or may not want to work there.
  4. Trashing the company that turned you down. Of course, it is disappointing to be turned down for a job, especially when it was a company that you had really hoped to work for. But trashing them and saying things out of anger that you’ll regret is never a good idea. Burning these bridges will only hurt you in the long run, and tarnish your professional reputation. Thank them for the opportunity and then ask them to keep you in mind for other positions that may become available. You never know when another opportunity may open up.
  5. Halting your job search after one successful interview. So you rocked your first interview, now what? DON’T STOP LOOKING. Often times, an interview process can last several weeks and include numerous interviews. If you had an excellent first interview, don’t consider the position locked down. Keeping your options open will serve you well in the long run. After multiple interviews, it is still possible for an employer to change their mind or for a last minute candidate to slip into the running. If you have a backup plan, you can quickly move forward after an unsuccessful interview.

What are your opinions on stalled job searches? Do you know anyone that has found increased success with any of these ideas?

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Courtney Farris is with Innovative Career Consulting – OI Global Partners in Denver, CO. She can be reached at or @courtney_icc.

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