Trust—Respect—Integrity. These three words are used by many, taken for granted by some and are difficult to define in the positive. But they are realized most when they are lacking or destroyed. Much of what you do at […]
As the world of business changes at a faster and faster pace, it is vital that companies become nimble when addressing the escalating complexities of the workplace. Often this means something we all fear, changing the traditional model […]
There are many, many books written on leadership. Some recent ones advocate for “resonate leadership,” “authentic leadership” or “agile leadership.” These are all valid approaches to becoming a successful leader. But what really defines a leader? What defines […]
Two years ago, I had my hands tied behind my back telling the world, “I will not engage in this silly online networking.” Now, I have come to realize how important social media is in this changing world […]
On Wednesday July 27, 2011, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled, What’s Wrong with America’s Job Engine? written by David Wessel. In this article, Wessel states that layoffs used to be more temporary. In fact, during […]
I’m fortunate to connect with so many different clients in my consulting work and even more fortunate to be able to partner with them in responding to their diverse business challenges. Of course, while there are many differences […]
Employers are always looking for ways to improve performance in their organizations. In searching the literature, you will find hundreds of articles and presentations addressing this very subject. You would think with all of this information, it would […]
Conventional wisdom is that everyone can and should be a leader. The truth is that successful leaders probably have very competent managers taking care of the details, motivating the forces and developing the strategies. Today’s leaders are in […]