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It is only through people that any organization’s wisdom and creative energy can flow. Established in 1992, Anderson Keegin & Associates/OI Global Partners is a highly-effective leadership resource for improving “Return on Investment in People.” Our firm’s coaching practice leverages action learning: the development of leadership skill sets applied in the pursuit of real-time business objectives. Our engagements include: Leader Development, Onboarding, Performance Improvement, Career Realignment and Transition/Outplacement. To better serve your needs regionally, nationally and internationally, we draw upon the resources of OI Global Partners. With more than 200 privately-owned offices worldwide, we are truly a local presence with global reach.


David Keegin – President and co-founder of Anderson Keegin & Associates, Inc./OI Global Partners. An accomplished career coach, David’s client engagements primarily focus in three areas:  Leader Development, Performance Improvement, and Career Alignment.  David is a strategically oriented leader with P&L and international business development experience in sales, marketing, service, and operations.  An adept communicator, motivator and presenter, David coaches individuals and teams in moving successfully towards their desired outcomes.

His business background combines hands-on leadership and breadth of perspective gained from facilitating numerous career transition courses, developing, and delivering unique career-related and personal development curriculum, and coaching candidates of all levels towards achieving their career aspirations.  Working closely with senior leader and key contributors, David effectively aligns individual interests and abilities with organizational resources and intent.  The results a dynamic interdependence where both value and meaning are created.

David earned his BA in English and history from Albion College.  He holds a Career Management Fellow (CMF) with the Institute of Career Certification International.  David is certified to administer the following assessments:  CPI 260 ® Leadership and Management Assessment, EQ-i 2.0® Emotional Intelligence, and 16pf® Questionnaire.

Julie Wilkening Julie Wilkening – Manager of Candidate & Client Support, Anderson Keegin & Associates, Inc. | OI Global Partners Julie Wilkening has played an integral part in assisting candidates and clients at Anderson Keegin & Associates, Inc.| OI Global Partners for over 13 years.  Her expertise includes career transition, and she has garnered a solid reputation for one-on-one coaching, effective group facilitation, and consultation at all levels, especially top tiered executives.  Julie is well versed in career search technology and platforms to augment the success of the job search.  In addition, Julie assists our clients with administrative detail and provides professional guidance to our firm.
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