Managing people can be difficult. Managers are expected to attract and hire the best people for their teams. And, once they’re on board, managers must work hard every day to ensure their teams have the resources they need to achieve the goals assigned to them. Additionally, when obstacles arise, as they so often do, managers must help their team members overcome these challenges to maintain momentum. As we all know, the stakes are high. Managers are under a lot of pressure; yet, the rewards are even higher. When the team succeeds, the manager succeeds and so does the organization.

At OI Global Partners, we work with managers to develop the skills (such as coaching, leadership and team-building), they need to successfully manage people. We love this work; it is so critical to an organization’s success. With an informed, motivated and engaged workforce, there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome and no goal that can’t be achieved.

We encourage you to read the posts included below. The first post (“Hello Boss. Nothing Personal, You’re Fired!”) highlights some of the key concerns we’ve heard from employees over the years. The second post (“Effective Managers Do These Three Things”) provides the action steps managers can take to build and maintain successful working relationships with their team members. We hope you’ll spend some time reading these posts and that you will find the information thought provoking and helpful.

Thank you.

Hello Boss. Nothing Personal, You’re Fired!

Effective Managers Do These Three Things

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