Over the past two years, more employees have become more dissatisfied with their jobs and their employers. The key factor is “not feeling appreciated” and/or “not being given opportunities to grow, learn and develop” by their employers.

i-love-my-jobThough I don’t like anyone to feel unhappy in his or her job, I would also not want anyone to change from a mediocre job to a miserable job. People need to evaluate the core issue of this problem. There are quite a few “bad employers” who are disrespectful of their employees or completely ruthless and cruel taskmasters. Therefore, I try to encourage the individual to evaluate his or her circumstances and determine if this situation can be resolved.

Once I heard a person relay that “Work is WORK – not playtime. Therefore, people shouldn’t complain about work being hard.” There is some truth to that, but a person’s position also shouldn’t be demeaning as people are giving of themselves to that employer for 8 (or whatever) hours a day and being compensated. Therefore, if a person has selected or accepted a position to match his or her skills and capabilities for fair wages, what is the real complaint? Why did they choose or accept the position?

No job is perfect, so what is expected or wanted from your chosen career or position?

  • Are you able to use your skills and talents to benefit others? Then that offers its own reward.
  • Are your working conditions fair/acceptable and safe?
  • Is your employer respectful of you?
  • Are you mistreated?
  • Are you paid fairly and timely as you were promised?
  • Are there other benefits that the employer provides? (i.e. insurance, vacation…)
  • Has your employer made promises that have NOT been kept?
  • If you do have reasonable concerns, have you given your employer an opportunity to address these with you?

Many employees are looking for job security, and the fact is NO employer can guarantee the length of any job. However, if you are seeking an employer who is more proactive and is taking a more progressive approach to his or her business, that is a topic that should be discussed when being hired. Unfortunately, there are numerous employers who do not think that way.

Still, if you have a position which you find rewarding, have good working conditions/environment, are paid fairly, provided additional benefits, have an honest employer and treated respectfully, YOU have much to be thankful for!!!

What about your job are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? Please share in the comments!

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Robyn Crigger is managing partner, OI Global Partners – Compass Career Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC.

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