(October 14, 2019)  OI Global Partners, a leading human resources consulting firm that provides career transition, executive coaching, leadership consulting and recruitment services, has released the results of a proprietary survey of global leaders. Talent managers in 25 countries where OIGP does business are represented. Organizations of all sizes weighed in, with half reporting more than 500 employees. Answers come from every one of 16 major industry groups, with heaviest response from Financial Services; Business Support & Logistics; Technology, Telecom, Internet & Electronics; and Manufacturing.

The goals of the survey were to understand the following:

  1. the skills employees must have to be competitive today;
  2. the most significant people challenges currently facing organizations;
  3. the most effective ways to develop talent
  4. the impact new technology is expected to have on jobs
  5. the use of structured talent management systems; and
  6. the prevalence of employer brand strategies and reasons for implementing them.

“Thanks to our clients across the globe for participating in this annual effort to gain insight into the future of work,” said Patrick Lynch, Chair of OI Partners. “Once again, the results are fascinating. In every part of the world, organizations share common challenges and risks and they have found a variety of solutions to manage the evolving work landscape.”

Among the key findings of the survey, respondents indicated that collaboration has eclipsed leadership agility as the skill they most value in employees.

Talent managers say that adapting to change is the biggest people challenge their organizations face, followed by attracting and hiring new talent. Retaining key talent is third on the list. “OIGP’s recruitment and staffing sectors are busy in most of our markets,” noted Mr. Lynch, “consistent with these survey results.”


“The same five people challenges have occupied the attention of organizations each year we have conducted this survey; they have just traded places,” commented Mr. Lynch.

“These survey results underscore the observation that what we do is in high demand,” Mr. Lynch continued. “Whether you need assistance to bring new talent on board, coach them to improve performance and retention, or transition employees out of your organization, our HR consulting services will extend and enhance your brand.”

The full set of survey results can be downloaded here.


About OI Global Partners
OI Global Partners is a leading human resources consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers. We are local experts with global perspective. More than 1,000 consultants strong with 225 offices in 28 countries, our reach assures customers a broad suite of talent management services and a deep base of experienced consultants. For more information, please visit or contact S. Thomas Wharton at or 401.884.7959.

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