Today, more employees have called me, feeling frustrated as they no longer feel appreciated by their employers. The comments have included:

  • employee-appreciation“I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company downsized, and yet my title hasn’t changed, nor my salary.”
  • “With the tight economic times, I understood that the company couldn’t provide increases, but now it has been a few years and still no increases!”
  • “Over the past several years my company has had to tighten their belts just to keep the company alive, but as some employees have left or retired, I am never offered growth opportunities or training to move up the ladder and have a chance to increase my salary. This doesn’t seem right, and I am ready to look elsewhere.”

These are just some of the comments I have received from employees. More and more of “hard working and capable” employees are tired of not feeling appreciated. I have tried to relay to employers through my local blog and LinkedIn and Twitter that employers will be losing their “good employees,” not the slackers, if they don’t provide some type of “appreciation” practices to recognize the hard work and dedication of those good employees.

There are a variety of venues to demonstrate an employer’s appreciation of his/her employees, and you are encouraged to begin doing this sooner than later. Here are a few ideas:

  • From the feedback I have received from many employees, one effort that has been repeated is the request for training opportunities in order to expand their skills and possibly be considered for advancement.
  • Another possible reward is regarding the fact that many of the employees are nearing retirement. Providing an “educational retirement workshop” that informs employees from an impartial source of vital and factual information about the retirement process and resources would be a GREAT offering, especially if you include the spouses of employees.
  • Some employees, especially in these times, are struggling with managing their finances. Therefore, another “educational workshop” that is desperately needed is a “Money Management Workshop.” Quite a few employees are receiving calls regarding overdue bills at work. This adds more stress and distracts them from their jobs. Such a workshop could be a big support to many.

There are other ideas that could relay an employer’s concern and appreciation of employees. Some commonly used ones include a) a monthly pizza party for employees, b) designating a once-a-month “coffee with the employer” meeting and inviting different employees each month for open discussion, c) providing selected venders/services to come to the workplace to help employees with personal errands (i.e. dry cleaners, car repair, day care pick-ups, etc.), and others.

Give thought to exhibiting an ongoing appreciation for your employees. All employers are looking for good employees. Therefore, if you are not “taking care of your good employees,” other employers are more than willing to take them off your hands!

What other tactics have you used to show employees how much you appreciate them? Or, as an employee, what have employers done to make you feel really appreciated? I’d like to know in the comments below!

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Robyn Crigger is managing partner of OI Global Partners-Compass Career Mgmt Solutions in Charlotte, NC.

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