June 8, 2018 — OI Global Partners

OI Global Partners has officially launched their first mobile app: OI Solutions, an e-learning center that gives job search candidates access to career center tools at the convenience of their fingertips. The app is free in the app store, and now available on all Apple and Android devices.

“Currently, the app is only accessible to clients of OI Global Partners outplacement and career management programs,” according to Steve Ford, OIGP Board chair and President of Fitzgerald, Stevens & Ford, the OIGP firm in Massachusetts.

Key features of the app include: over a dozen career assessments, an interview simulator, a resume and elevator pitch builder, a powerful job search engine, a global recruiter database, and the LexisNexis global research database.

Susan Ruhl, OIGP Board member and President of Denver-based ICC, an OI Global Partner, adds, “The OI Solutions mobile app has a ton of employer video advice, quizzes and interactive tools to help clients find out more about themselves: their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and career options. E-learning content right in the app helps you build the skills required to succeed in today’s world of work. The practical job search and career management tools everybody needs are now in your pocket.”


OI Global Partners is a leading human resources consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers. We are local experts with global perspective. Our firm has its roots in OI Partners Inc., founded in 1987, and CareerNet International Ltd., founded in 1998. We are managed by a global board of directors with administrative operations in Nashville and Amsterdam. For more information, please visit or contact Susan Ruhl at


To view a video introduction and for more information on the mobile app, please click here.


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