May 4, 2018 — OI Global Partners 

OI Global Partners, a leading human resources and consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers, has launched their third annual “Future of Work” survey. By conducting the study, OIGP is seeking to uncover current and emerging trends in the workplace and identify common people challenges in organizations.

Respondents are asked to identify skills that are most valued in their organizations, choosing from a list that is consistent from year to year.

“This year, in addition to many other skills, we’re measuring the importance of Emotional Intelligence as well as Creativity in the workplace,” says Claudia Gentner, the COO of OI Global Partners. “Since one of the objectives of an annual study is to track changes over time, we think very carefully before changing our survey questions, but Emotional Intelligence and Creativity are undoubtedly highly valued and we expect to find out just how much” Gentner concludes.

In accordance with previous years, the 2018 survey will also look at the people challenges being faced by organizations, roles that may be at risk of being reduced or eliminated, and the most effective ways to develop talent in the workplace. The survey can be accessed by visiting this link:


OI Global Partners is a leading human resources consulting firm that helps organizations manage their talent and individuals manage their careers. We are local experts with global perspective. Our firm has its roots in OI Partners Inc., founded in 1987, and CareerNet International Ltd., founded in 1998. We are managed by a global board of directors with administrative operations in Nashville and Amsterdam. For more information, please visit or contact S. Thomas Wharton at

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