Dec. 12, 2012 – OI Partners has announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Leading Indicator Systems to provide leadership assessment instruments targeted to middle managers to its clients.

Leading Indicator Systems (LIS), headquartered in Bedford, Mass., assists companies in monitoring key leading indicators that directly impact the performance and competitive advantage of their businesses. Their assessments help organizations improve leadership performance, employee engagement, organizational effectiveness and onboarding of new managers.

In addition to having access to the entire suite of assessment instruments developed by Leading Indicator Systems, The Talent Management Practice Area of OI Partners has worked closely with LIS to develop an assessment tool specifically targeted to middle managers.

“Based on our years of providing coaching and development support to clients around the globe, we see a critical and timely need for offering our clients tools and development plans to quickly get their middle managers to be effective and successful. In today’s marketplace, middle managers are increasingly impacting day-to-day business decisions and will be the senior leaders of tomorrow,” explained Patty Prosser, chair of OI Partners, a leading global coaching and leadership development/consulting firm.

According to George Haskell, President of Leading Indicator Systems: “Leading Indicator Systems enables organizations to tap into the intelligence of their employees, customers, prospects, and suppliers to collect, rapidly analyze and dynamically present results. These insights clarify strengths and weaknesses of the organization, providing a solid factual foundation for corrective and preventive action. ”

Prosser added: “The LIS assessments will also enable OI Partners to track the leadership trends of our clients and share them. We look forward to offering our clients these services and our alliance with Leading Indicator Systems.”

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