While experts may disagree about how many job openings are not broadly communicated, commonly referred to as the “hidden job market,” there is no question that networking is an effective way to ensure your long-term success. Human resources professionals as well as hiring managers face a number of challenges when attempting to fill a position such as wading through hundreds of applications and resumes in order to identify who to interview. As a job seeker, how can you stand out?

One sure-fire way is to leverage a personal connection that already exists. This is where networking really pays off. People who have a broad and deep network of connections have several distinct advantages:

  1. They will likely hear about actual or emerging job opportunities before they are promoted on a company’s web site and other online resources.
  2. Once the job is posted, your contacts can help you make a direct connection with someone inside the company such as the hiring manager and/or human resources business partner that is working with the hiring manager.
  3. And, even if you’re not an ideal fit for the position that is currently available, you now have a connection inside the company which will be helpful for future openings that may be better suited to your skills and experience.

Below are links to posts from our blog that will help as you build and expand your networking skills. Please let us know via our social media channels which techniques you’ve found to be effective in building your networks. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Links to Blog Posts:

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