Last week, we shared some creative team-building activities that could be especially fun to do around the holidays. Read Part 1 of this post here.

This week, we offer some insight on additional team-building activities to help strengthen culture and keep employees motivated to work efficiently and productively.

business-teamworkIn order for a company to be an efficiently running and productive organization, there needs to be a clear vision and a positive workplace environment/culture set in place by the leadership. This helps to motivate and encourage the workforce to work toward its goal.

However, in order for this to come together, it takes hiring the right people with the right skills and attitude.  Skills can be taught, but a person’s attitude may need some molding and developing. “Team work” requires all employees pulling together, contributing all they can for one successful outcome.

When working on building a good team, there are some activities that can help instill and strengthen this goal.

  • Cut a flat piece of cardboard into 6–10 odd-shaped pieces, then have the same number of employees work at putting their pieces together to make the original shape of the cardboard.  The group should do this without talking.  (You can make several of these puzzles to allow a few groups of employees participate in this activity.)
  • Have a group of 6-8 employees empty their pockets or purses and try to create a company by using objects from each employee, developing the name of the company as well as a logo.
  • Take 5-6 employees and lay a flat bed sheet on the floor. Have the whole group stand on the sheet, and without using their hands or getting off the sheet, have them turn the sheet over to the opposite side.

All of these activities will require “team work”.  I have used these activities in Team Building Workshops, and I’ve been amazed at the creativity of people. There are other activities that can be used, and having your employees participate in these fun games can encourage better cooperation in the workplace.

Building strong teams in your workplace can strengthen and improve production while creating a positive work environment.  Cooperative teams create successful outcomes!

What team building activities would you recommend? Share with us below!

Robyn Crigger is managing partner, OI Global Partners – Compass Career Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC.

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