The national elections have stirred up many issues that affect business throughout our country. Taxes, health insurance and healthcare costs, the handling of our diverse population, crime, terrorism, and so many others. There are no easy solutions for any of these, and yet the employers are expected to find remedies for many of the challenges.

outplacement-done-wrongTo top off these stressful issues, our choices for our country’s president seems to be a “muddy mess.” The public, according to polls, are torn about the candidates with each possessing equal parts of the population’s favor. As we approach the fall’s major election, it appears to be too close to say who may win. In addition, each candidate has definite pros and cons as a potential president.

It is quite common for our economy to take a hit one way or another as a result of the presidential elections. Some are looking for the government to take care of healthcare and social security, but someone has to pay for these. When people insist on the “government paying for all this,” who do you think actually covers such expenses? The working citizens and employers! And the tab for all the expenses is escalating more and faster at a steady pace!

Other big issues that require attention and resolutions include: a) our global economy, b) the strength of our US dollar, c) managing regulatory issues in businesses, d) IT security, e) intellectual property, f) the threat of terrorists to people around the world, etc. These are all matters that cannot be resolved by any one person, and yet these can affect people around the world. The only way to begin improving our world is by 1) prioritizing the concerns, and then 2) locating effective resources, which can remedy each challenge, one at a time.

Taking on too many concerns weakens the best of resources. Better to design a strategic plan to tackle one challenge at a time, and using the full strength of that resource to effectively resolve the situation before beginning the next challenge.

Clearly, there are many issues and difficult concerns that need attention, but trying to tackle too much at once is unwise and seldom successful. Each company should determine their top concerns and devise a plan that can strategically resolve one problem at a time. This takes good organization, a focused strategy, the use of one’s full energy, and to persevere in being successful. Utilize each person’s strength while gathering those together, who can make a dynamic team effort.

Robyn Crigger is Managing Partner, OI Global Partners – Compass Career Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC. Trained and experienced in various Human Resources areas from assessments to executive coaching, Robyn strives to provide professional assistance to both companies and individuals faced with transitions.

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