I know you’ve heard it:  Resumes are your first impression when applying for a job. And even if it isn’t your first impression, it’s an important marketing tool when applying for a position.

resume-writingJob seekers spend hours reading, studying and learning about what they must INCLUDE in their resume. But they often don’t spend enough time learning what to leave out—namely, buzzwords! Overused phrases and vocabulary can detract from all of the hard work you’ve invested in your resume.

Although we see many buzzwords on resumes, here are three that must get the heave-ho immediately:

  1. “Familiar with” – This phrase implies that while you might know a system or process, you are not an expert at it. And what are employers looking for?  Experts!
  2. “Spearheaded” – Yes, action verbs are important on a resume. But in the process of searching for original action verbs, many job seekers have started using the same language entirely too much —like “spearheaded”—thereby stripping the word of all originality. It’s been turned into a trite phrase that employers see on too many resumes. If you use this word, please use it in moderation and consider using other action verbs like “lead,” “directed” or “supervised” as well.
  3. “Experienced” – Chances are, when you are applying for a position that requires experience, each applicant who is applying is also experienced. Avoid using the actual word and inducing eye-rolls from the hiring manager. Instead, explain HOW you are experienced. Talk about what you have done in the past and use stories and examples to show your qualifications.

Resumes are tricky and must constantly be tweaked and adjusted for each position for which you are applying. Don’t let your hard work and qualification be overshadowed by buzzwords.

These are just three overused buzzwords. What buzzwords do you see entirely too much of?

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Jessica joins the OI Global Partners – Innovative Career Consulting team as a Georgia native with deep roots in Colorado. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, she is a highly motivated, results-oriented professional with experience in recruiting, staff training, and leadership. Jessica has worked in the fields of hospitality, banking, and mortgage which have allowed her to develop strong skills in the areas of company strategy, direction, and communication. Her experience helps leaders and clients achieve their goals in the areas of Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Career Transition. She offers excellent interpersonal skills, creative thought and a drive to her clients.

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