Technology has shifted the entire dynamic of the job search and how recruiters find and evaluate job candidates. Even 3 reasons to consider creating a website to land a job if you have a strong brand on various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, a website may give you the edge you are seeking.

website-developmentHere are three reasons why you should consider creating your own site when you are in a career transition:

  1. Have you Googled yourself? Having your own website allows you to control what people see when they search for you. More and more, employers are using Google as a way to learn more about potential job candidates. When you have your own website, you have the opportunity to sway the information and demonstrate a portfolio of your accomplishments (rather than that drunken video from Spring Break 1999).
  2. A great way to demonstrate your expertise in an area and gain exposure with your target audience is to start a website. With well-written content and an accompanying up-to-date blog, you will become a thought leader in your field.
  3. Finally, a website can give you the space to express your personality in ways that are not possible through your resume. Recruiters in today’s marketplace do not simply look for technical skills any longer, but rather want to know that you are going to be a good personality or culture fit with the company as well.

A website can be such a powerful tool for a job seeker especially if you are in a creative field such marketing but it can also be helpful in other technical areas such as technology, social media or communications.

When crafting your website, think about including the following areas: a professional headline; a brief biography or an “About Me” page; your accomplishments; a blog; videos and/or other multimedia (podcasts, presentations, etc); and the most important – contact information.

One quick word of caution: Although a website can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, it can also have the opposite effect if it is not maintained or completed properly. A website that has typos, errors, missing content or is completely left unfinished is even more detrimental to your brand and can seriously derail your search. Think quality over quantity, and if you determine this is the right tool in your job search package, go all in and don’t leave it to flounder.

What has been your experience with a website as a personal branding tool during a transition? Share your experiences with us!

Shawna Simcik, M.S., CMP, Managing Partner, OI Global Partners Denver

Working in partnership with clients, Shawna designs custom career transition and leadership development for individuals, teams and corporations to address and attain sustainable, business results. Shawna is the Board President for the Mile High Society for Human Resource Management in Denver and a three time “40 Under 40” Nominee. Shawna holds a BA in psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is certified as a Career Management Practitioner through the Institute of Career Certification International. She can be contacted at

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