Business leaders and entrepreneurs are creative, driven people. They are often great “initiators.”

business-leadershipBut successful organizations that want to be around for the long haul require a shift in focus. They must move from the launch phase, where there is a great idea, to establish a foundation upon which to build.

This means leaders must transform their style, instituting proven principles to ensure the organization will have the greatest chance for success.

There are 5 “key ingredients” that you must have in any organization. They always work, and in my 40 years in business, when applied correctly, I have never seen them fail. In the last 25 years as a business owner, I have preached them, taught them and lived them.

They are not easy to implement. It takes diligence and steadfastness to remain on course. Here are some highlights that I hope will help you create success in your organization:

5 Key Ingredients for Success:

  1. Vision & Strong Sense of Mission…
    It is the vision for the organization that creates the catalyst for developing your culture. The mission tells everyone what you are all about and how you are going to operate. These go together. They really fit hand in glove. Often the vision can be a brief one-line altruistic statement, but we believe that by including the mission you can establish a far-reaching and definitive guiding force for the organization.
  2. Commitment to Work on a Goal…
    Goals must fit within the framework of the mission. Too often, there are competing goals within an organization, so company-wide goals, department goals and individual goals must align with, support and complement the mission.
  3. Unity Among the People…
    While each person is uniquely gifted, with different experiences, skills, knowledge, thought processes and personalities; you must build an environment that promotes and encourages unity and teamwork. You do this by ensuring people are engaged, encouraged and involved. Clearly, unity linked to a commitment allows organizations to achieve extraordinary results.
    “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”    — Mother Teresa
  4. An Effective Communication System…
    Studies have shown that poor communication is the number one business problem.  Therefore, you must develop systems, tools and procedures for communication that are well thought out, understood and effectively utilized by everyone. Your culture should encourage and demand open, honest communication. So teaching effective communication and listening skills, and understanding barriers to communication is essential.
  5. A Focus on Serving…
    Good working relationships revolve around personal needs. As leaders, our frame of reference must shift to the realization that if we serve others, take care of our people, as well as our external customers and meet their needs, the benefits and results to the organization will be far greater than you can even imagine. Leaders put others’ needs before their own, thus stimulating and developing trusting relationships. Leaders are executive coaches, trainers and mentors. That does not mean you never tell people what to do, but most often you should not have to do that. Flip the organization chart upside down, putting others needs before your own.

Implementing these “5 Key Ingredients” will provide you the foundation of an effective organization.
What are your thoughts on these ingredients? Would you add anything?

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Bob McKown is managing partner, OI Global Partners – TN, and president, XMi Human Resource Solutions. Follow him @bobmckown.

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