hire-meMany talented and capable business associates have found themselves in a job search through the holiday season. With the holidays in mind, there are factors and efforts to consider demonstrating your quality traits while socializing with decision makers.

  1. With the added tasks and demands that need to be handled during such a busy holiday season, there can be added stress. Therefore, be extra careful not to come across pushy or become a pest, calling too often or acting “needy.” This will only work against you.
  2. Instead, keep your follow-up efforts with company representatives polite and short; ask when is a good time to check back with them. Show sensitivity.
  3. When initially connecting with a potential employer, try to learn about existing or future projects. As you research an organization, see if there is any way you can help them with good contacts or resources, etc. Seek ways to be an asset to their team, provide additional support, etc.
  4. Take advantage of this busier social season and invite prospective employers to special events.
  5. As you prioritize potential jobs/employers, look for ways to build positive relationships with their support staff, who could be an influence on the decision maker.
  6. Identify charitable programs that are valued by a prospective company decision maker. Find some way to demonstrate your mutual respect and passion for this organization.
  7. Be sure your ethics and values are ones that reflect high integrity and a caring spirit, which should be valued by most good employers. These traits are not something you would verbalize, but should be demonstrated by your actions.

The Holiday Season often brings out the better qualities in people, so this is a time to be your best and relay positive images to those around you. Let your good qualities shine and influence others. Though many areas of a candidate’s qualities may be covered during interviews, social settings often allow people’s behavior to speak for themselves.

Robyn Crigger is Managing Partner, OI Global Partners – Compass Career Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC. Trained and experienced in various Human Resources areas from assessments to executive coaching, Robyn strives to provide professional assistance to both companies and individuals faced with transitions.

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