How often have you heard the term “culture” used as a buzzword in your organization? Does your brain instantly

sort through its mental rolodex and see ping-pong tables, employee happy hours and yoga “break rooms?” Or is it just a taboo topic that your colleagues avoid? Culture is much more than just company perks that an organization describes on a piece of paper and offers its employees. Facilitating and maintaining a healthy culture takes hard work, but the financial reward can be astronomical. Is your company culture propelling the business forward, or preventing it from potential growth?

A company culture is just as strong as those who are in the position to facilitate it. Are the leaders in your organization successfully executing upon the organization’s mission and vision on a daily basis? Or are the value and mission statements just jargon used as placeholder filler text on your company website? “What is the Biggest Threat to Corporate Culture? Organizational Cynicism” presents some of the significant business derailers that can occur when the wrong personnel are sitting in the decision-making chairs, and offers tips for how to address them head-on. Read the full blog post here.

In 2019, organizations will be more focused on creating a winning culture than ever before, as the fight for attracting, hiring and retaining top talent continues to swell. So, what are the secrets to building and sustaining a candidate-attracting, employee-retaining and customer-engaging company culture? Watch this webinar to learn best practices on what it takes to facilitate a robust culture that aligns directly with an organization’s strategic and business goals.

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