A common question that many career coaches hear from individuals during a period of transition is, “Do I really need to be on social media during this job search?” The answer is yes! Social media has multiple benefits. It enables you to access more job leads. And it also enables you to tell your story and establish your brand.

One way to tell your story through social media is by building a consistent personal brand. A personal brand can help convey to recruiters or employers a message that speaks to who you are as a professional. LinkedIn is a great tool for this. Incorporating keywords within the bio section of your profile that are also commonly found in job descriptions is a good place to start. This section of your profile can include the skills that you bring to a team, the passions you might have, and interests that you may even have outside of work. This ZipRecruiter article offers more in-depth insights into how a personal brand can help in your job hunt.

While LinkedIn is a great place to start for the job seeker, other social networking sites can be used, as well. Consider creating a Twitter account or a YouTube channel. Stick to two or three platforms and update each of them regularly — once or twice a week. Overcommitting to and managing more than three platforms can lead to unnecessary stress and potential burnout. Here is a blog post that offers three tips on how to incorporate social media into your job search strategy.

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