Whether you have been provided with executive outplacement services or choosing to go through a career transition of your choice, a professionally written resume is critical. When going through a job search, your resume is one of your most important marketing tools.

volunteer-workYour resume should be a reflection of you (the job-search candidate) and thus needs to be a complete sharing of “pertinent” and accurate data, which relays:

  • what position you are seeking
  • skills, training and education that qualify you for the position
  • all work experience that supports your professional/career capabilities for that role
  • extra-curricular or voluntary experiences which have attributed to your key competencies for this particular work

Employers receive so many resumes that it is important to distinguish yourself from others through your resume. Your past work experience obviously should support why you are qualified for the new position. Your education and training are also ways of supporting why you are qualified.

However, do not overlook any voluntary service you have done. It can be a very valuable and credible factor by giving you “real-life” work experience that enhances your expertise. Getting involved in a voluntary role, outside a normal work environment, can open your eyes to different perspectives regarding your chosen career.

You learn a lot through your education and training, but if able to experience, even indirectly, a “real life” situation as a volunteer, it could help you be better mentally prepared for a new role and what to expect. Often employees experiencing management or leadership training are asked to volunteer in other roles in order that they might see a different perspective of that position.

Therefore, when talking to that next employer, share with them where you have volunteered. It could distinguish you from other candidates and give you a great advantage as one who has gained some deeper, credible knowledge, benefitting you in your next job and your employer.

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Robyn Crigger is managing partner with OI Global Partners – Compass Career Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC. Follow her on Twitter @navigatetalent or read her blog here.

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