You’re deep in your job search, you’re rolling along on your own when you get a call from a recruiter about a position that you would be “perfect” for. You have considered working with a recruiter but were not sure how it would affect your search or how you would be presented to a potential employer.

job-interview-4Recruiters are well-connected in the market and have “ins” to companies that you may never be able to uncover on your own. So there is also an upside to working with them.

Here are three tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience with recruiters:

  1. The Anticipation:
    “You’re perfect for the job!” They will tell you this, but what they won’t tell you is that they are saying the same thing to the other candidates they are presenting as well. Don’t let the recruiter make you feel that you’re a shoe-in for the position. Be yourself and be confident in your skills and work history.
  2. The Interview:
    The recruiter will have company intel that the normal job seeker may not, but don’t utilize their information only. Make sure you do your own research into the company and have as much information as possible prior to the interview. If you are able to uncover information about the company that was not supplied to you by the recruiter, this will go a long way with the hiring manager. You always want to enter an interview situation over-prepared!
  3. The Feedback:
    You may feel frustrated with the feedback you are getting from the recruiter either in response to your resume or an interview that you have gone on.  Always keep in mind that the recruiter is the middle man and the companies they work with from time to time aren’t forthcoming with feedback and/or criticism because they are concerned about legal issues and what might be construed as a “sensitive” area.  You need to feel, during every step of the process, that you have the freedom to ask questions and receive feedback on a regular basis.  If you are not getting it, ask for it!

We would love to hear your feedback (good and bad!) on working with recruiters. Share a story or comment below and we will use it to help others in transition making the correct choices for how to best utilize resources in their search!

Holly joins the OI Global Partners – Innovative Career Consulting team as part of the Cincinnati, Ohio office. As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business, she is a highly motivated, results-oriented professional with 17 years of experience in recruiting, business development, and leadership. Holly has worked in the fields of professional staffing and healthcare which have allowed her to develop strong skills in the areas of company strategy, operations, and leadership development. Her experience helps clients achieve their goals in the areas of Executive Search, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching and Career Transition. She offers excellent interpersonal skills, creative thought and a drive to see clients succeed.

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