Much has been written about the differences of expectations and thought processes of the millennial generation and how they approach employers and employment in general. With all of this as a foundation, what remains is that this generation is the single largest group in sheer numbers in the history of this country.

integrating-millenialsYet 30% of millennials are either unemployed or extremely underemployed. We are missing out on their contributions to become the next leaders. As a society, country and as leaders, we cannot afford to allow this to continue. Our society will suffer as an outcome of not integrating this generation. We cannot afford this level of unemployed talent. We must seek a new balance.

As I talk to business and organization leaders, I hear one perspective. In talking with educators at all levels, I hear another perspective. When talking with a number of millennials, I hear yet a different set of issues. What I find interesting is that all three groups are fundamentally closer in common thinking than it appears on the surface.

For everyone’s well being, we need to cross over the lines of differences, build bridges that will bring us closer to working together as people and professionals. Most of all, we need to tap into new thinking and redefining work and life in this rapidly changing global environment!

What are your thoughts on how we can better integrate millennials into the workforce—and as leaders? What role will you take on?

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Dr. David Miles, SPHR, CMF, is managing partner of OI Global Partners – The Miles LeHane Companies, which he acquired with his wife and business partner in 1992, following a 25-year career with Marriott Corporation (Saga). Miles LeHane has grown into an international industry leader, focusing on five primary areas of practice: Strategic Management Planning, Coaching, Career Transition, Executive Search, and HR Products and Services. Dr. Miles can be reached at

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