We love this time of year! In particular, as the leaves turn, the combination of colors creates a unique mosaic that is truly a miracle of nature. For sports fans, there is also a lot to be excited about – cheering on our favorite youth sports teams, the World Series, college and professional football, basketball, and hockey. And, of course, all of the wonderful food that is created at this time of year.

As we think of all of the various things that combine to create a remarkable result, we are reminded that success is also a collaboration-a combination of various factors. For employers and employees, it means understanding each other’s strengths and areas that need development. Companies that want to succeed must foster a culture that encourages employees and provides opportunities to cultivate their knowledge and skills. Employees, who want to advance, should demonstrate their desire and openness to acquire new skills. These are the key ingredients of success.

For your reference, here are links to several posts from our blog, The vOIce. We hope you find this information useful in guiding your journey towards achieving success. Please let us know if we can help.

Thank you.

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