So, you’ve been out of a job for more than two months and think you have a pretty solid grasp on what it feels like to be “unemployed.” You’ve taken some “you time,” done some soul searching, painted the living room, and maybe even embarked on a trip you’ve always wanted to take. Now, the fun is over and you are ready to turn the page on the next chapter in your career.

Once you’ve dug yourself out of the obligatory “vacation mode” headspace and finally mustered up the courage to take a long, hard look at your resume, you’re reminded that you haven’t been in job search mode for more than five years… Maybe it’s time to take advantage of that generous severance package from your previous employer, and call your career coach. This blog post unveils key tips for candidates in the job search, and how you can craft your own personal brand to land your next opportunity.

Whether it’s been 1 year, 3 years or 10 since you’ve last navigated the job search, the work landscape is constantly evolving and so is the technology that can assist you throughout the job searching process. Being active on social media during your quest to find a new opportunity is essential, and there are various platforms that can (and should) be used to best maximize your time during the search. Taking advantage of all the tools that can help you build your network during a time like this can mean the difference between landing a couple of weeks — or a couple of months — or more. Read this post for insight on the #1 platform you should be using in your search.

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