Over the past two years, more employees have become more dissatisfied with their jobs and their employers. The key factor is “not feeling appreciated” and/or “not being given opportunities to grow, learn and develop” by their employers. Though […]
So you realize a few things about your job:  you’re in a dead-end job, you’ve reached your maximum potential at your current employer, you’re not in a role where you feel challenged, and you’re nowhere near where you […]
“What’s in it for them?” Your resume has to answer that question. If it doesn’t, you most likely will never get to present yourself to that awesome company where you envisioned working forever! Let me be blunt: Too […]
Whether you have been provided with executive outplacement services or choosing to go through a career transition of your choice, a professionally written resume is critical. When going through a job search, your resume is one of your […]
With hiring on hold for now and employers increasingly wary of whether another economic slowdown is in store, employees should be extra cautious to avoid committing anything that may damage your career. For the past few years, a […]
If you are over 25, you probably learned about career management from your friends or family. Find a good company, work hard, put in an honest day’s work, and your career will grow and evolve over your lifetime. […]
I am struck with how many folks do not think in current contributions to their employers, but believe their past will keep them safely employed in the future. The same people who must have the newest and greatest […]
When the alarm goes off in the morning and you constantly hit the snooze button because you’re dreading the day ahead, do you wonder if something better is out there? Many people encounter this problem, but by the […]
Some of you may remember when you could work for a “good” company, stay out of trouble, show up for work on a regular basis, keep your mouth shut and expect somewhat regular promotions and to eventually be […]