Last week, we shared some creative team-building activities that could be especially fun to do around the holidays. Read Part 1 of this post here. This week, we offer some insight on additional team-building activities to help strengthen […]
Team building activities are an important way to help colleagues learn to trust each other and better understand each other’s abilities. It’s especially fun to do around the holidays! But what team building activities are best for your […]
Today, more employees have called me, feeling frustrated as they no longer feel appreciated by their employers. The comments have included: “I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company downsized, and yet my title hasn’t changed, nor my […]
What employer wants to experience a downsizing? No one that I know! And yet this happens over and over. Is there a way to avoid a downsizing or find an alternative path? Not always, but YES, there are […]
Business leaders and entrepreneurs are creative, driven people. They are often great “initiators.” But successful organizations that want to be around for the long haul require a shift in focus. They must move from the launch phase, where […]
Leadership is one of the hottest topics in recent years. Hundreds of books and thousands of articles have been written and continue to be written about leadership – like this one! Through my executive coaching and organizational development […]
In today’s global business environment, leaders are called upon to manage across countries and cultures. An effective leader has to be able to communicate effectively with people who have different attitudes and expectations, recognize when unexpected behaviors reflect […]
For years, I have reviewed employee engagement survey scores and inevitably the results show an interest in improved communications. Do we ever become experts at communication? What would that look like if we did? What percent of your […]
When was the last time that you said, “Wow that was a great meeting! I can’t wait until the next one!”? I frequently hear that the most de-energizing part of people’s day is their time in meetings. What […]
As organizations work to stay competitive or prepare to move to the next level, a common conversation centers on their corporate culture. Do they have the “right culture” to be successful? And if they determine they don’t, what […]